Saturday, September 27, 2008

"Let Go...Let God", By Grace E. Easley

"...This morning as the dawn appeared,
My heart was full of care,
The grievances of yesterday,
Seemed just too much to bear.
My worries seemed to multiply,
By two's and then by three's,
My burden grew in size until
It pushed me to my knees.
Reaching out for help I found,
That everyone had gone,
I raised my eyes and sobbed,
"Dear Lord, it's just too hard alone."
Then through the sudden stillness,
There came a blessed peace,
I felt new hope arising,
And felt the heartache cease,
And then I heard His footsteps,
Along the path I trod,
And He softly whispered to me,
"My child, let go...let God!"


  1. Carol, that another quality blog you have here.. too bad it haven't been updated recently.

  2. I love Grace E. Easley's poetry...

    Robert W. Dudek
    San Diego, CA